Friday, July 30, 2010

Learning to Change a Flat

Our truck had a flat tire this morning so I had my first lesson from my Papa on how to change a tire.

As you can see, I was watching every detail very intently. I think I could change the next one.

After my lesson in the garage I came inside for some milk and a little nap with Mama.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Morning Silly Faces

Now that I've recently been sleeping through the night more consistently... I wake up in a silly mood ready to play!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Fun

On Saturday my parents took me to the park in downtown Great Falls to feed the waterfowl with some old bread we had in the freezer. We sure did attract the birds!

On Sunday afternoon we went for another adventure run and had a picnic at Roger's Pass near the continental divide.

On Sunday evening it was still 90 degrees outside so my Papa went for a dip in the river by our house in Ulm while I rested on the beach. I was exhausted from all our fun activties!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wooden Rattle Pursuit

The thought of that wooden rattle makes me drool!!

I still can't crawl but if I want something I've learned to reach, roll, lean...whatever it takes!

Yes...success! (Thanks Auntie Teddy and Uncle Kevin for the new toys and clothes including this wooden rattle!)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Johnny Jumper

I tried out my new Johnny Jumper this week. I'm still getting the hang of it...I seem to spin around more than I jump up and down...but I hope to pick that up soon with some more practice!


Yesterday I visited my Papa at work and I met Tatonka the stuffed buffalo - the cross-country team's mascot. Tatonka goes to all the meats with the team and he even has his own Face Book Page!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Who needs a thumb to suck on if you can stick your big toe in your mouth?

Thanks Jane for the new Safari onesie!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Attack of the Tickle Monster


The tickle monster is attacking!!!


Mommy's Exercise Buddy

Mommy can't wait to take me hiking with the pack we got from Kim Shallue so we tried it out in the house yesterday! Thanks again Kim!

Yesterday morning mommy took me on a run from Gibson Park along the river with student athlete Amanda!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Blackfoot River

My parents and I visited the Blackfoot River near Lincoln, Montana this past Friday.

Icicle Canyon Run

My parents took me on another adventure run up the Icicle Canyon in Leavenworth. They found a really great trail near Chatter Creek Campground. The river was roaring!

Visiting Family and Friends in WA

I met my parents good friends Betty and Otto who are still pastoring a church on Samish Island at age 90. I was very interested in Betty's finger!

I met my grandma Karen Castano for the first time in Marysville!

I also met my grandpa Dan Castano for the first time. I really liked the little bear he let me take home and I told him about the little birds (our new neighbors) that have moved into the bird house he made us.

We visited grandma D in Stanwood and I met Cody for the first time. She made us some yummy blueberry french toast for breakfast!

It was very special to meet my Great-Great Uncle Lyle in Tacoma. He is 91 years old!

Meet the Babies Weekend

Our picnic at Enchantment Park for Meet the Babies V!

Our morning walk through Blackbird Island!

Holly and Nathan getting ready for the walk!
Elsa, Evan, and Abby enjoying the kiddie pool at Marina's house on Fourth of July! They were experts at helping water all of her plants.

Leavenworth Pool

During our Meet the Babies weekend in Leavenworth I went swimming for the 2nd time ever.

Some of my mommy's friends had a blast swimming with their kids too at the Leavenworth pool.

I hope to be a "fish" like my Papa some day. He spent a lot of time with me in the pool!

Visiting Rieke Family

I met my cousin Lola for the first time on Fourth of July weekend. I admired all her crawling and getting around at only 8 1/2 months old!

I think my cousin Lola looks a lot like her daddy Micah as well as her mommy Amy!
I also met my auntie Amy for the first time!

I have a special connection with my uncle Kevin...he's another "Stone"...(Holden Stone and Kevin Stone)! I love when he read to me at TD and Teresa's house after dinner.

My auntie Teddy loved holding me too!