Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Exploring the Rainforest!

 We had a wonderful family get-away this weekend to Lake Quinault and the Quinault Rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula. The trail system is awesome! We saw all sorts of waterfalls, foot bridges, creeks, lush trees, nurse logs, moss, and fungus! The few hikers we did encounter called my sister and me "troopers" in the rain!

 We also learned all about Pacific Salmon and Steelhead at the Quinault National Fish Hatchery/Visitor Center. Above, Papa is helping us feed the young salmon some pellets.

 On a morning run, we saw one of the six champion conifer trees living in the Quinault Valley. This picture doesn't do the world's largest spruce tree justice. It was HUGE!!

 Lake Quinault in the background.

We were exhausted by the end of the weekend with all the hiking and exploring. Great memories!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Saint Patty's Day Treasure Hunt

 My sister and I woke up this morning to find clues left all over our house by a little green Leprechaun.
We dashed from room to room once we figured out each clue.
 The treasure hunt finally led us to the "end of the rainbow". We had a gift for each of us sitting on my tricycle in the garage.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Park Smiles!

Kitchen Helpers

It takes extra sawing motion strokes to cut zucchini spears with a plastic knife, but we had fun helping mama in the kitchen!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Karen Learns to Somersault

Signs of Spring

We've had so much fun with the warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours looking for signs of spring on our property. My sister and I have found all sorts of blooming flowers and budding leaves popping out.

Spirited Team!

We really enjoyed supporting the Saint Martin's basketball teams this winter. My sister and I like the high-paced game, the pep band, the people-watching, and especially the popcorn Papa buys us for a treat! As you can see from this spirited picture, our track & field athletes also love to support the basketball teams.

Homemade Tiger Masks

We had to make a tail too!

Little Pianist

My sister loves the new piano from her birthday. Thank you so much Uncle Kevin and Auntie Teddy! She's already performing concerts for us!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Week with Cubbie Bear

 Last week it was my turn to bring our AWANA mascot (Cubbie Bear) home. We shared lots of adventures!
 Every night was a slumber party.
 Cubbie helped me with my AWANA lesson.
 I brought him to pre-school for our teddy bear picnic.
 Cubbie tried everything at the park with me!

 I held on tight so he didn't get wet or muddy.
Cubbie loved the Seattle Aquarium for my sister's birthday.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Karen's Birthday Celebration

 My sister's official birthday was Tuesday so we went to Seattle this weekend to celebrate!
 We visited the Seattle Aquarium. A highlight was watching the feeding of the Giant Pacific Octopus.

We loved having grandma D help us celebrate!
 We also visited Pike Place Market and got to see Uncle Kevin and Auntie Teddy's Seattle Hat Shop for the first time! They've done a great job.
 What a fun place!
 We also went to a short indoor track & field meet at UW. It's neat to see Papa strategizing with his college coach (Pee Wee Halsell - still the head coach at WWU and in the same conference as Saint Martin's).
 On Sunday, Karen opened gifts throughout the day. Here she is picking out her first gift (from grandpa Mike and grandma Donna)!

 This is what big brothers are for...I helped Karen open many of her gifts!

 Karen loved using her party blower over and over!
 After dinner and our bath, Karen successfully blew out the 2 candles on her cake. She requested a "horsey cake"!
We loved every bite of the German Chocolate Cake mommy made! Happy birthday, sis!