Thursday, September 27, 2012

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Great Aunt Grace's Memorial & Family Reunion

My grandpa John's sister, Grace, just recently passed away so my mama and I flew up to Seattle this weekend to attend her memorial service and visit a lot of extended family. My cousin Lola and I spent much of the 2 hour service just outside the sanctuary but we could still hear the speakers and the music.
 My cousin Violet and I snuggled with Aunty Teddy and Aunty Amy just after the service.
 This was the first time all 9 of my mama's first cousins on the Rieke side of the family (includes Schramms and Schimkes) were all together in one location.
 Another Karen!! This is my mama's very special cousin Karen Martin-Schramm who flew out from Iowa for the the service.
 My uncle Kevin was very sweet and loved holding me!
 My cousin Joan Schimke from New York also loved holding me!
 My mama had to give uncle Kevin one last hug before we left!
 Cousin Mark Schramm is looking more and more like my grandpa John in his later years. He held me at least 4 times throughout the afternoon!
 It was fun to share a slumber party with Grandma D after the memorial service on Saturday and before heading to the airport on Sunday.
My brother and papa went to the Santa Ana Zoo this weekend while we were in Washington. Holden enjoyed all the animals and riding the carousel!

Karen's Swing Debut

 I don't go quite as high as my brother yet...but I sure do LOVE the swing!

Paper Chain Snake!

What started out as a project making a caterpillar
turned out more like a snake!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Country Cookout at Concordia

 Concordia had their annual Country Cookout featuring a petting zoo, donkey rides, square dancing, country music and a yummy BBQ dinner (corn bread, ribs, chili, baked beans, fruit, etc.).
 I spent most of the time with the animals and the college students.

 Here I asked Si (a freshman from WA on the track & field team) where
this little goat's mommy went??
I ended the evening riding this donkey named "Dolly".

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Messy, Muddy Toddlers

 Fun with shaving cream!

 Fun painting with balloons and dinosaurs!

 Fun in the suds!

 Fun in the mud!

 I ran back and forth between all the fun activities!

 Time to get hosed down and cleaned up!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Art of the Otter Pop

 Shara's dad helped me learn how to properly eat an Otter Pop by squeezing from the bottom.
 My mommy didn't notice I had two different flavors of Otter Pops at the meet today until looking more closely at these pictures...but that's okay since temperatures were in the 90' was a yummy treat!
 My papa was running all over the xc course today filming, cheering and coaching!
The team was all smiles today as our women finished 2nd overall out of 18 teams and only 31 points behind the 1st ranked team in the NAIA - Cal State San Marcos.