Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spring Soccer Recap

 I had so much fun playing soccer this spring. We played rain or shine! Papa surprised me at this practice.
 One of my favorite activities was the obstacle course. As you can see, I jumped up and down with anticipation before my turn to run!
 After practice, I showed Karen how to go through the obstacle course.
 I got a high five from my coaches, a certificate, and a medal at my last practice.

Local Parade Fun

 The parade was small but we had a blast watching, dancing, waving, and anticipating each entry in the Lacey Fun Fair Parade last week.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Very Special Mother's Day Weekend

 We had an amazing get-away to the coast on Mother's Day weekend. We couldn't have asked for better weather. Westport, WA is just over an hour from where we live. When we first walked onto the beach, I asked my parents..."Where are all the people?" The beaches I remember in Southern California were always full of people.
 We had a blast finding driftwood to add to our fort.
 We enjoyed walking along the pier looking at all the boats. This is definitely a fishing community.
The clam chowder was delicious!
 We had so much fun our second day playing in the sand, exploring the beach some more, and even digging our own little sink hole that turned into a "small pool" to splash around in!
Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the special moms in our life (including Grandma Karen - hard to believe it's already been 8 years since you went home on Mother's Day to be with Jesus). We miss you and love you!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Look Who's in a Big Girl Car Seat Now!

 I am SO EXCITED to graduate to a forward-facing car seat! I'm thrilled by the new view in the car!

Scientist Karen

 I had so much fun at one of my Toddler classes experimenting with lemon juice, Epsom salt, baking soda, and liquid food coloring. When it first started to fizz and bubble...I shouted out "Wow"!!
  I couldn't wait to show Holden when we got home...we had lots more experimenting to do! 

AWANA Awards Ceremony

 This was my end-of-the year awards ceremony for my participation in AWANA. I learned over 20 Bible verses this year and completed my entire Cubbie book - even with the transfer to a new AWANA program mid-year with our move. I was so excited to earn my very first ribbon!

Saints Make History at GNAC Championships

My sister and I were "troopers" to say the least at the 2-day conference championships last weekend at Western Oregon University. There was off and on rain both days, but it was totally worth the adventure! We're so proud of our Saints. The women's team scored the most points in school history at the GNAC championships, we saw more school records fall, lots of All-Conference finishes, and even a photo finish in the women's 400 meter hurdles - the Saint's teammates both dove across the finish line to claim 1st and 2nd!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Outside Play!

 We've had so much fun this spring playing outside. We often set up race/obstacle courses using chalk and/or props.
 Mommy may have been trying to wear me out but I had so much fun running the course we made over and over!
 We also love to play hopscotch. Some weeks we had to replace the jumping squares almost daily with all the rain...but it didn't take long to redraw.

 We've gone through many containers of "bubble juice"!
 I love exploring by the lake!
 Look closely and you'll see a fox. We've seen several walking right across our driveway and into the woods by our house (usually close to dusk).
 One of our new favorite activities is collecting bugs. We consider them "pets" - right up there with our fish.

 We also have fun on sunny days playing in our kiddie pool. This particular day we went fishing for all sorts of sea life!

 After getting hot, we requested a cold treat inside. Mommy made us this using a frozen banana, frozen berries, and honey (with a new blender papa got at Costco).