Saturday, December 28, 2013

Special Visit to Leavenworth

 As you can see by the hugs, we were very excited to see our cousins this past week. Holden and Lola are only 3 1/2 months apart.
 Karen and Violet are just 4 1/2 months apart.
 We had front row seats (right behind the bench) at cousin Johnna's basketball game.
 I joined Lola during half time dancing out on center court. She taught me some great moves! She can even hum the entire Kodiak fight song! My mom was quite impressed.
 Then we watched uncle Moo in action...coaching the boy's team.
Cousin Violet loved dancing to the Kodiak pep band too!
I got into the spirit with this pom pom!
 Auntie Teddy gave out lots of hugs. She also brought a treat bag full of goodies and toys for us to play with in the stands during the game.
 It's hard to believe cousin Johnna is a senior at Cascade this year!
It was great to see Uncle Kevin. He takes stats during the game just like his dad (grandpa John) always did.
 We went to see Emma and Lily's grandma Connie the following day. We had a wonderful visit!
 Karen loved snuggling Connie's dogs!!
 We also had a very nice visit with special longtime friends Anne and Bob!
 Lola and I had a blast playing dress-up.
 We also had fun playing outside.
 Uncle Moo was very relaxed during his time with family. He enjoyed his days off from coaching/teaching.
 This picture captured our Rieke cousins snuggling on the couch.
 Mama, Karen, and uncle Kevin posed for a picture prior to opening presents.
 Auntie Teddy loved having her arms full with her two youngest nieces. 
 Papa helped Karen open a really big gift.
 I opened a gift with auntie Amy looking on.
 Uncle Moo and Uncle Kevin modeled their COOL new Seahawk visors (the blue hair was included).
 Karen and I loved being outside even though there wasn't a lot of snow in Leavenworth.
 There was enough snow to go on a sleigh ride pulled by horses.

 We met Mr. and Mrs. Clause in downtown Leavenworth.
 We had fun acting like tourists in Kevin and Teddy's amazing toy store, the Wood Shop.
 Holden stopped to ponder and ask a few questions about his grandpa John and grandma Karen by their memorial bench along Front Street.

 We were blessed to stay with great aunt Mary and great uncle John during our time in Leavenworth. Our last night there, Mary made an amazing dinner for our family. Thank you!
 We shared a delicious final lunch with Kevin and Teddy at a cafe near Sleeping Beauty.
I was very excited when uncle Kevin offered to buy me a yummy scoop of chocolate ice cream. Who says it's too cold to enjoy ice cream in the winter? Thanks again uncle Kev!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Reunion With Mama's Longtime Friends

A special thank you to Dani and her family for hosting our get-together today in their beautiful home and preparing the yummy lunch. The pictures are a glimpse of all the fun we had. We missed you Janie, Nicole, and Mary.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Influence of an older sibling

I've recently shown a strong interest in "trying" the potty as a result of watching my big brother.

Adjustment to the temperature change

 Sunshine and mild temperatures in southern California in late November.
Temperatures in the teens in SW Washington in early December.