Thursday, February 9, 2017

Holden's 7th Birthday

I woke up early (before the sun came up) on my birthday last Thursday! 
 I brought safari cupcakes mama made to share with my classmates.
 After school my sister and I had so much fun jumping, climbing, and balancing at Boom Shaka in Tumwater!

 I opened gifts in the evening and had my Grandma Karen's famous fudge-frosted brownies after dinner.

 Grandpa Mike and Grandma Donna drove up from southern Oregon to help us celebrate!
 On Saturday I had my first big "friend birthday party". We had a blast at a gymnastics center!

 After all the activities, we enjoyed cake and fruit with LEGO-themed decorations I picked out.
Note from Mama and Papa: "We're so proud of the sweet 7-year-old boy you've become, Holden Stone. We thank God for you every day. You bring joy to so many people. We love you more than you know!"