Monday, December 17, 2012

Practice with peas

 It takes a lot of concentration to pick up these peas but my pincher grasp is getting a lot better with practice!

New exploration now that I'm mobile!

I'm not officially crawling yet but ever since I learned how to drag my body along the parents find me exploring underneath all sorts of furniture. So much to explore now!

Playful Siblings

Baking Christmas Cookies

Decorating Snowflakes

Friday, December 7, 2012

Silly Siblings

 It's safe to say my sister and I can make each other laugh until our tummies hurt! We were non-stop squeals and giggles today!

Christmas at Concordia

 Karen wasn't too sure about meeting Santa Claus but we still had fun as a family last night at the annual Christmas Carnival hosted at Concordia University. I enjoyed participating in the games, looking at the Living Nativity, decorating cookies and a gingerbread house with my papa, sipping on hot cocoa and even trying a snowboard simulation!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Polar Express

 During our recent trip to Northern Arizona we took a ride on the Grand Canyon Railway based on the classic children's book Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg.
 The conductor personally visited each passenger on board to punch everyone's ticket.
 Just like the book...we enjoyed hot cocoa and cookies while listening to the story.
 We journeyed through the dark wilderness for a special visit to the "North Pole". It was SO EXCITING when we saw all the lights in the distance through the train windows!
 Santa boarded the Polar Express and gave everyone a special gift....a silver bell off his sleigh.
 It was a really fun night!

Karen's Faces

 Serious Karen.
 Happy Karen!

Christmas Preparations

 We've enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit this past week. My papa helped me put the angel on our tree.
I asked my mama if I could "play Santa" so we made a Santa hat using red construction paper and cotton balls. I shouted "Ho! Ho! Ho!" as my reindeer pulled my sled.
  I took breaks to feed my reindeer some carrots.
 I also had fun this week decorating a giant gingerbread boy.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oak Creek Canyon

 Even though it was only a 17 mile drive south of Flagstaff, I fell asleep on the way to another one of my mom's favorite places to visit while in college - Oak Creek Canyon.
 But once I woke up...there was no stopping me...I loved hiking, climbing and exploring the canyon!

 It was a beautiful day to enjoy the sunshine and the canyon.

Oak Creek Canyon was on the way to grandma Karen's favorite spot to visit when she came to see my mommy in Arizona.

Smokey the Bear Fun

 We actually have a collection of Smokey the Bear pictures that my mommy can't find right now but everytime we see Smokey during a hiking or camping trip...I ask if we can stop and take a picture with him.
 My sister wanted to join in the fun of meeting Smokey too!
I wanted to make sure Smokey's nostril was clear so he could smell any smoke from potential forest fires!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Visiting Mommy's Alma Mater

 My mommy had a hard time believing she graduated from NAU 14 years ago. Our trip to Flagstaff, AZ brought back a lot of memories for her. This is the indoor facility she trained and competed on during the indoor track season. The track is covered by turf every fall for football.
 I enjoyed meeting Louie the Lumberjack (my mom's college mascot).
 We stayed a few nights in a cozy little cabin on the edge of town.
 I had fun reading stories to my sister.
 I also had fun on the rustic playground near our cabin.
 Karen obviously enjoyed her warm bath after our first night in Flagstaff.
 We visited Arizona Snowbowl just below the San Francisco Peaks (almost 13,000 feet elevation). This ski area is 7 miles from downtown Flagstaff. We enjoyed our hike but I wish there would have been a little more SNOW to play in!