Monday, February 18, 2013

Acorn Woodpeckers

We had a wonderful, relaxing family outing this weekend in the Caspers Wilderness area south east of where we live. I was fascinated by all the acorns stuck in the holes of this tree trunk.
 I learned that this acorn woodpecker, as it's name implies, creates granaries in which thousands of acorns are stored in holes drilled in tree trunks for future consumption.
 We enjoyed a yummy picnic lunch before doing more exploring!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

More Teething

My 5th tooth broke through this week. Look closely to notice all my pearly whites!

Fireman Holden

I'm getting better at dressing and undressing myself. Today I came downstairs in this partial fireman's outfit. I insisted I was all ready for "work" and didn't need a shirt or jacket to fight the fires. :)

Umbrella Sillyness

The hot weather at our home track meet this weekend didn't keep my friends (Melissa & Ali) and me from having fun!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Big breakthroughs at the park

 I've been army crawling for months but my mommy thinks I made some exciting mobility breakthroughs today at the park.
 Crawling through this netting encouraged me to get up on my hands and knees.
 I can get in the traditional crawling position and rock back and forth...but I'm still yet to crawl forward like this.
 These disks were just the right size to practice pulling up.
But once I pulled myself up...I wasn't quite sure what to do next?!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Homecoming Weekend

We had fun this weekend at a family carnival - one of Concordia's homecoming festivities.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Role Play Rocks!

 Thank you Riekes for the awesome new role play costumes for my birthday! I've been flying all over the house and baking up a storm in the kitchen!

Friday, February 8, 2013

First Soccer Practice

 I had SO MUCH fun at my first toddler soccer practice this week!
 My coaches did a good job helping us warm up. Below I'm doing the "flamingo stretch"!
 We learned how to TRAP the ball.
 Next we learned how to DRIBBLE the ball with small kicks.
 I didn't want to leave the park. I can't wait until next week's practice!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Holden's Extended Birthday Weekend

 Grandma D flew down from Washington to help celebrate my 3rd birthday. We made sure to take her to all our "hot spots"!
 Last Thursday we took her to the Great Park in Irvine to ride on the giant helium balloon.

 On Friday, we took Grandma to see Concordia's campus and meet the Eagle track athletes. Many of them dressed up for a special "Pirate Practice" in honor of my birthday. My mommy arranged a treasure hunt throughout campus and the athletes had a blast!
 On Saturday we took Grandma to Pretend City - my favorite Children's Museum in Irvine. We played for 3 hours!
 On Sunday morning I got to open some of my presents. Here I am admiring my new pirate attire while my sister simply loved all the wrapping paper!
 Sunday afternoon we spent the day at a Safari Park.
 This Lion seemed very content on top of the jeep.
 We saw herds of 50 different species including these giraffes during a tram ride through the park.
 Who are these silly bats?
 I got to experience what it's like to hang upside down like the giant fruit bats in this exhibit.
 We had fun in this peaceful butterfly garden.
Karen's first time at a petting zoo.
 Karen held on tight during her ride on Papa's shoulders back to the car.
 Mama made us a yummy German Chocolate Pirate Cake we enjoyed Sunday night after the Safari Park.
 On Monday before Grandma flew home...we had to also take her to the beach. Thanks so much for visiting Grandma and helping celebrate my birthday!!