Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Puddle Play

We spent much of today outside in the sunshine. The break in the rain left huge puddles to play in at the park.
My sister took no time at all charging right in! We forgot Karen's safari rain boots (from Janie) at home but she didn't seem to mind.
I was more conservative getting in even though I was fully prepared for puddles with my robot rain boots.
We had a blast sloshing around and getting all wet!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Two Silly Peas in a Pod

Serious Board Game

This evening Papa beat me for the first time in Sequence. I'm actually pretty good at board games and card games. I usually beat my parents.

We love hosting the Saints!

My sister and I love opening our home to the college athletes for team dinners. It's like having 40+ big brothers and sisters. The Saints compete at their indoor track & field conference championships this week in Idaho. We wished them luck with a big feast (and some fun)!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Time Out Time for Babies

This morning we found my sister putting all her dolls in a time out. We heard her counting with them and saying "no, no, no...". This happens to be the same step she sits on for a time out.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

We bundled up for a memorable family run this morning
for Valentine's Day.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

More fun in the snow

 We used a small hill outside our house to give sledding a try. Yes, you'll notice we improvised on the "sled". The storage box lid worked well for a smooth ride...not too fast.
 My sister sometimes needed a little help but she was brave!
I also had fun making a snow angel.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Building Frosty

We've been waiting all winter for a good snow fall like we had last evening. We took advantage of it and went outside before bed to make a huge snowman! The snow was great for packing. We had a blast!

First Pets!

 The anticipation has been high this week as we waited to pick out our new fish today after church. Thank you grandpa Mike and grandma Donna for my birthday gift card to get our very first pets.
 We had so much fun picking out and watching the pet store worker catch the fish we selected.
 We think the fish like their new home!
 Hours of entertainment right here!! We named our fish Genesis, Exodus, Moses, Silver, and Tonto.

Zoo Buddies

 We went to Point Defiance Zoo yesterday with our buddies, Nathan and Evan. It was a cool, crisp day so we just about had the zoo to ourselves.
 You'll notice Evan was very good with my sister, Karen.
 He enjoyed helping carry her.
 We think the polar bear really liked the cool temperatures.
 Up close view of the wolves.
 Taking a rest by the penguin exhibit. Oh no...it looks like one of the penguins (Nathan) got out!
Watching the puffins get fed.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Field Trip to Fire Station

 Earlier this week my preschool class went on a field trip to the Olympia Fire Station. Can you spot me in the picture?
 We learned all about the fire trucks, emergency equipment, fire safety, and even got to see a fireman go down the pole!

 This classic old fire engine is from 1937. They still use it for local parades.

Making Valentine's Cards for my Classmates

It's been a fun project that has actually taken my mommy and me a couple days during my sister's naptime. We made homemade Valentine's Day cards for my preschool classmates. I can't wait for my Valentine's party next week!

New Hiding Place

 Mommy was busy preparing lunch today when she heard some strange noises in the cupboards behind her. Notice the little fingers...this was her first clue that Karen and I had found a new hiding place!
Boooo!!! We had fun startling her over and over again.

PJ Day at Preschool

It was easy getting ready for preschool last Thursday. I just kept my PJ's on. It was also exciting to bring my favorite bedtime buddy, Ba, with me.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Holden's Birthday Weekend

I did not mind one bit sharing my 4th birthday with the Super Bowl. Grandma D made everyone in our family a Seahawks shirt (yes, homemade)! Amazing!
After church, my sister and I were spoiled getting to share a yummy "12th man" donut!

Before the Big Game, we went to a family fun center right next to Saint Martin's University.
 We had a blast on all the slides and obstacle courses!

We watched the Super Bowl in the rec center outside Papa's office. I actually only watched a little of the game because I fell asleep for almost 3 hours. I was exhausted from the full day. But I woke up after the game ready to keep celebrating!
I opened the rest of my gifts before dinner and cake. The Rieke families collaborated on a fun railroad theme. Uncle Moo & Auntie Amy gave me the conductor outfit and Uncle Kevin & Auntie Teddy gave me the huge 132-piece railway set. Thank you!
I've been talking about having a Jungle Book cake for the past year. Grandma D made my wish come true by making and decorating this delicious lemon cake. Thank you!!
 I successfully blew out my 4 candles!
Other highlights of the weekend included attending a neat Ethnic Festival at Saint Martin's University on Saturday as well as playing with Grandma's sweet dog Chakota.