Thursday, August 29, 2013

Oregon Adventures

Part of our road trip this summer included AMAZING adventures in Oregon. We were blessed to find a camping spot along this beautiful lake near Klammath Falls.

The sunset was gorgeous.

We really enjoyed visiting the Oregon Caves in Southern Oregon even though mommy got super car sick from the curvy roads.

Papa and I practiced our "cave growl" that the forest ranger taught us.

We had a great visit with a longtime friend of Papa's - Karen Church. She grew up in Stanwood, ran track & field at U of O, and now has a farm outside of Eugene.

Black hands from driving the tractor.
 These eggs were SO FRESH they were still warm!
We had a blast renting these paddle boats near the OR Sand Dunes!

Weeeeee! I wore goggles to keep the sand out of my eyes during my ride down the dunes!

We spent several days with some of mama's very special longtime friends and their families.

Left to Right: Mama (Evan), Holly (Nathan), Megan (Karen), Janie (Lily), Katy (Elsa).
S'mores on the beach!
This picture (of Karen, Holden, Evan and Papa) is taken from our balcony....yes, we were blessed to stay RIGHT on the OR coastline! Beautiful and great for flying kites!
Josh and Papa helped Lily and me (Karen) get a better view of the parade on the 4th of July.
Elsa, Evan, and Holden spent most of the parade right up front....until they were warned of an upcoming firetruck spraying water into the they found a good "hiding place"!

Thanks for all the memories!