Friday, February 26, 2016

Best Buds

Ginger sure loves Karen's attention (especially when Holden is gone all day at kindergarten). She loves to hug, feed, sing, dance, and play with our new golden retriever.

Pre-shower hide & seek

It was time for Karen to take a shower the other day and all we could find was her pile of clothes by the bathroom door. After a few minutes of looking and calling her name...we heard a little giggle from the closet. She found the perfect hiding place behind papa's shirts.

LEGO Club at the Library

Fun at Alley Oop Gymnastics

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Holden's 6th Birthday

I was so excited this morning!!! (Notice it's still dark outside). I woke up at 5 a.m. and found our kitchen decorated with the Star Wars Lego theme I requested!
Even though my birthday fell on a school day, I had fun celebrating with my classmates. My mom made dinosaur cupcakes that I brought to school.
After school, Papa picked me up for a special afternoon and dinner date. His athletes let him "skip practice" to spend quality time with just me! Then we came home to eat birthday cake and open gifts. 

 Yes, this is Grandma Karen's famous fudge frosting. :)
 I let Karen help me open all my gifts.
 Uncle Kevin and Auntie Teddy spoiled me with these Super Hero Legos and more!
Papa had fun helping me put together Star Wars Legos from both my grandparents. Thank you! 
My birthday celebration actually started last Thursday and extended through the weekend with a special visit from Grandma D. One of our highlights was playing "army" outside.
On Sunday after church, I got to invite three friends from school to join me at Chuck E. Cheese for an early birthday celebration. We had a blast!
As you can tell, we've been celebrating the past 6 days!! I guess that's fitting for my 6th birthday. My parents used this extended time of celebration to remind me my birth was a miracle and what a GIFT I am from God.