Saturday, December 31, 2011

Beach Hopper

The Little Engine That Could

After visiting the beach yesterday, my parents found miles of beautiful rolling trails overlooking the ocean. They went for a run/walk while I was sleeping. I woke up while my Mama was pushing me up one of the really steep hills. After watching her slow to a walk and exert some extra effort to get me up the steep grade...I told her "I think I can, I think I can". My mom got tears in her eyes as it was just what she needed to hear and I had so thoughtfully quoted one of my favorite lines from the book The Little Engine That Could. She says that memory is going in my baby book!

Firetruck Fun

My Papa and I got to meet some firemen yesterday and sit in their big ladder truck...but my Mama wasn't with us to take a picture. But then we saw a cool little firetruck at the park, so she made sure to get some pictures of this!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Special Christmas Memories in Washington

I was looking forward to a lot more fluffy white snow in Leavenworth, but we still had fun sledding and making small snowmen during our visit (with the little bit of "older/crusty" snow they did have).

I was entertained by trying on different hats/wigs at my uncle Kevin and auntie Teddy's Hat Shop.

The lights were beautiful in downtown Leavenworth!

So, this is the guy I share a middle name with (Kevin Stone and Holden Stone). Miss you already uncle Kev!

I had a great visit with Connie, Terry, Sadie and Carley (not pictured). Thanks for the very yummy cookies and huckleberry jam, Connie!

I had fun learning how to use Baird's new race car set at Grandma Karen Castano's house. Thanks for the animal floor puzzle Karen!

We made a special stop to visit Betty and Otto (both in their 90's and just retired from pastoring a church on Samish Island). Betty prepared us some very yummy potato soup!

I really enjoyed meeting my Papa's good friend and college cross-country/track coach Pee Wee Halsell. His wife, Maria, is also an amazing cook!

I loved hanging out with Pee Wee and Maria's girls (Laura and Sarah). I was so sad when we had to leave.

During our short overnight visit to Bellingham, my parents took me to see beautiful Whatcom Falls Park. I literally ran about a half mile through the rolling trails in the park. My parents had never seen me run like that before. Now I know why that was one of their favorite places to run!

I also took breaks to watch the falls!

We went to visit my uncle Micah, Auntie Amy and cousin Lola. Here my auntie Amy and Lola share a post-nap snuggle!

We had so much fun exploring their neighborhood in my cousin Lola's red wagon.

Lola was so nice to share all her toys. We giggled a ton while we jumped together on her new trampoline.

After our bath, Lola and I meticulously brushed our teeth.

I had fun visiting Anne and Bob Smith while we were in Leavenworth. I especially enjoyed playing with Todd and David's old train set and cars.

I had never met Emma and Lily's uncle Evan, aunt Petra, and cousin Elise before...but as you can see they have a beautiful family!

We enjoyed a nice lunch at the Soup Cellar with Micah, Amy, Lola, Evan, Petra and Elise.

Cousin Lola and I shared lots of hugs during our visit (as well as a few "time outs" because we were a little too rough with one another).

Our annual tradition is to stop and remember my grandpa John and grandma Karen on their memorial bench in downtown Leavenworth. We miss you two so much!

Cousin Lola and I took a break from jumping on the bed at the Enzian where she stayed. We had a blast!

Uncle Kevin took every opportunity he could get to hold Lola and me.

My cousin Carson agreed with Lola and me that sometimes the boxes are even more fun to play in than the toys at Christmas.

My parents can't believe how quickly my cousins (Dakota, Johnna and Carson) have grown up. Carson is a freshman, Johnna a sophomore and Dakota a senior at Cascade High School.

My auntie Teddy and uncle Kevin spoiled my cousin Lola and me with all sorts of toys, gifts, food and fun! Teddy made an amazing Christmas Eve dinner for our families!

It took me awhile to warm up to Chakota (my grandma's new yellow lab) but once I did, I had so much fun! When my parents ask me what kind of dog I want some day...I say "yellow".

I helped pick and prepare some fresh spinach out of Grandma D's garden for our eggs on Christmas morning. She remembered I love "green eggs and ham"!

Grandma D helped me open a new Thomas the Tank Engine Book she gave me!

A little rain and wind in Stanwood on Christmas day did not stop us from having fun throwing rocks into the creek near Grandma D's house.

We enjoyed our family walk at Church Creek Park before flying back to CA on the 26th. Our visit went way too fast! Thanks for waking up at 3 a.m. to drive us to the airport Grandma D!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Decorating the Tree!

First, I helped grandma D pull out the heavy boxes of Christmas decorations.

But I wasn't much help when it came to untangling the Christmas lights.

I was able to assist in hanging up some ornaments!

And my favorite part was decorating Papa when he took a nap.

Christmas Tree Hunt

Last week we went to Allen Acres with grandma D on a quest for the perfect Christmas tree.

All the rows of trees were a great place to run around and play hide & seek!

I supervised as my papa cut down our tree.

Then it was time to drag our tree(s) to the car.

We couldn't leave the tree farm without also enjoying the slide!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Befriending the Ducks

First, I got their attention by dropping a few pieces of cereal from the bridge.

Then, I got to interact up close as the ducks wanted more.

Finally I had to explain "Hey, I'm all out of cereal...don't you want to just hang out"?